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Queen of Katwe

Queen of Katwe is both a powerful and humbling movie. As many of you know, this takes place in the Ugandan slum of Katwe, which is where many of the children at Destiny Orphanage are rescued from. Not only does this movie depict an accurate representation of this impoverished slum, but is also an inspiring story of how so many people in Katwe are diligent and dedicated. This film is extremely relative to Leo’s Kids ministry. The slum of Katwe is where the late John Michael Mugwera, the founder of Destiny Boarding School, grew up. Eva Mugwera continues to stay very connected to this area because she continues to pastor at Saint Gates church located in the center of Katwe. This true story is about a 10-year-old girl’s fierce determination to competitively play the...
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Molly’s August Uganda Trip

Molly Godzich in Uganda visiting Destiny Orphanage After my husband Leo was tragically killed in a car accident, while ministering in Uganda in the fall of 2011, my heart grieved, not only for my daughters but also for the children and families in Uganda that my husband was trying to help. He had partnered with Saints Gate Church and Destiny Orphanage, but, unfortunately, the leader of both ministries perished alongside my husband in the accident. Less than a year after their deaths, I realized I could still continue the ministry to Uganda, and Leo’s Kids, a sponsorship program for the orphans at Destiny, was born ( My heart deeply cares for Uganda, a nation ravaged by the AIDS pandemic. Many of the orphans lost their parents to this...
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A Message from Sarah Emerson, a Leo’s Kids Partner

We are excited to share with you all a message from Sarah Emerson, worship leader at The City Church in Seattle, WA, and a partner with Leo’s Kids. In addition to selling her albums and donating the proceeds to Destiny Orphanage, she has also graciously donated albums to Leo’s Kids.  We have used these albums as a free gift to bless each of our monthly child sponsors. We want to express our sincerest gratitude to all our sponsors and partnering ministries for the financing and work they put in to help change the lives for these Ugandan orphans. “Destiny Orphanage educates and boards over 1,500 children. It is a structured, loving environment run by local Ugandans and funded by donors from all over the world. I’ve had the opportunity to visit...
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Ugandan Orphans // The Need is Great

We have all heard the phrase, “The need is great.”  My recent trip to Uganda has brought a whole new meaning and perspective to this saying. There are so many needs in Uganda, physically, economically, and spiritually. From empty food bins to kids playing with plastic garbage, everywhere you turn it is so obvious how, “The need is great.” With over 1,500 kids at Destiny, the need truly is great. They are fortunate to have been pulled out of the slums of Katwe, Uganda and placed in this great facility.  These kids are blessed to have a place to sleep, three meals a day, and education, but they cannot have this without our sponsorship. In addition to the children our family has sponsored, I have decided to personally start fundraising with my basketball team...
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Changed by Him

Well, my time here alone with my team has come to an end today as I was reunited with my mom here in Kampala. There has been so much change in perspective, and in me. God has spoken through his children and used them as a tool for me to grow and draw near to Him. I had three prayers to God at the beginning of this trip. I asked Him to break my heart for what breaks His, to change me by me changing others, and to be a fatherless witness to the fatherless. All of these prayers were answered in a 10 day period. First, He broke my heart when I played with a little girl in the slums using a piece of trash as a toy. He broke my heart as I would exit our car and orphans would come running because they longed to be loved. He changed me through seeing the exceeding joy of those...
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My Victory (Pre-Uganda Blog #1)

John 14:18 says, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” You may be thinking why are Molly and Christy returning to Uganda where Leo was tragically killed? Well, there’s only one reason and that is to obey the voice of God. When you are called to do something by our Lord, there should be no hesitation. My mom and I are simply listening and obeying. God is sending me, as a fatherless girl, to speak and minister to fatherless orphans. There is no other way I would rather continue my father’s legacy than to speak to the same children he preached to just days before passing. I am going as Leo’s kid to speak to Leo’s Kids at Destiny Orphanage. Yes, it may be difficult, but God does not always give you the easiest option. Just as in John 14, God...
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The James 1:27 Principle

James 1:27 says, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (NIV) The Destiny Orphanage and School takes care of orphan and abandoned children, and it also takes care of widows. The dormitory keepers are widows who now have employment and a safe place to live thanks to Destiny Orphanage. When you sponsor a child through Leo’s Kids, you are practicing pure religion before the Lord. You are taking care of those that He wants you to take care of. We at Leo’s Kids thank you for looking at this website. We thank you for considering (and for some of you acting on) that Christian desire to take care of the helpless in their distress. You...

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