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On October 27th, 2011, after visiting Destiny Orphanage, Leo Godzich video-chatted with his wife Molly from Uganda, Africa and told her, “We need to set up a program to sponsor kids, the work they are doing here is so amazing!”

Just a few hours later, Molly received the call no one should ever have to receive – Leo and his friend Pastor John Michael Mugerwa, the founder and director of Destiny Orphanage and Boarding School had been killed on impact in a tragic car accident. Although the journey ahead was not easy, it was clear to both Molly and John Michael’s wife, Evah, that God was now asking them to carry on the work and Legacy of Love their husbands’ had began.

As time went on, Molly’s heart for the 1300+ children that were going to need financial support only grew. She thought, “Clearly Leo was sharing his last vision and it was no mistake that he shared it with me so I would see it through”.

The birthing of Leo’s Kids is not only about two friends who had a heart to meet the needs of orphans and needy children, but it is also about two women who knew that God purposed such a time as this – that out of the most difficult of situations, God’s glory would shine. It would shine in the eyes of each and every needy child as they are provided food and shelter, receive an education, find hope, and discover they are loved and accepted by God. May our lives be glorifying God always, and may it start by taking care of the widows and the orphans.